Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 Christ-Centered Days Of Christmas For Your Elf On The Shelf

Ok so I know it's been forever since I posted on here, but since a few of you saw my post of Facebook with the little card that Topsy (our elf) is bringing from Santa each night. I thought I'd share it on the blog.

First of all I wrote a letter brought by Topsy from Santa. He explains that each night Topsy will receive a card to deliver to Gabe and Rachel with three things to do. First is a Bible verse leading up to the Christmas story. The second is a Christmas activity. The third is a photo to take. The activities and photos try to go together, but in all honesty I have not looked up the Scripture to match it. I figured it's scripture, we can't go wrong with reading it. I found the scripture verses here. I can't find my original inspiration for the Christmas activities, but my photo list was inspired by this Pinterest pin.

Click here to read or download my Letter From Santa.

Click here to read, get inspired or download my 25 Days of Christmas cards.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Yesterday I turned 30, but that's not actually the 30 I'm talking about. The 30 that the title is referring to is the 30 pounds I have lost! Woohoo! Just in time for my birthday. Yes it has been four months since I updated my blog, and yes, I know I promised to be better, but really when I sit down to blog, I just feel, well, uninspired, but I think 30 pounds is very inspiring.

A lot of people have come up to me and told me that I am looking really good. (Sorry, not trying to flatter myself here.) When I tell them I've lost 30 pounds, they're a little dumbfounded. Maybe they're just being kind? Or maybe I carried the weight well? I don't know, but the next question is how have I done it? Well simply put, God. When I posted that I wanted to eat healthier and exercise as part of my New Years' Resolutions, I also asked you to pray for me. I received a lot of encouragement that I SO appreciate. I also prayed to God that if He would stay with me and help me through this that I would give the glory back to Him. So when people comment on my weight lost and ask how I've done it, I've felt really guilty when I don't say God, but Im saying it now because He has seen me through it.

Of course the day to day answer is diet and exercise. When I first started off, I used an Ap called My Fitness Pal. It's free, and all you do is try to match up what you've eaten into its database. A lot of things are already on there like Whataburger and Chick-Fil-A. Like did you know that a kids meal at Whataburger with a cheeseburger and fries is under 600 calories? It's a winner and feels like a splurge to me! Or that a Chick-Fil-A grilled chicken sandwich is around 300 calories? Again a winner! Anyway, I was religious about it. Only in the last few weeks have I slacked, but I feel more confident in knowing what I put into my body.

Speaking of, I must confess that I won't necessarily say that I eat a heck of a whole lot better. I am just more conscientious of what and how much I am eating. I'be come to the conclusion that you can pretty much eat whatever you want, you just have to watch how much of what you eat, and determine if it's really worth it. My husband jokes that we should get me a spot for Pizza Hut saying I lost 30 pounds eating nothing but Pizza Hut. (No that's not really true!)

Onto exercise. The necessary evil. I thought by now I would love it and crave it. It's just not true. I will say that after I exercise, I can feel the endorphin rush that people talk about, but trying to motivate myself to go, well, it takes some will power. But what exactly have I been doing? Well I am fortunate to belong to a wonderful club, the Houston Racquet Club. They have a great exercise facility with tons of group classes that I have taken full advantage of. It goes something like Master Swim or Total Body Jam or the day off on Monday. Spinning of Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes Saturdays.

So that's pretty much it. I really wish I had taken some before and after pictures, but I'm still not where I want to be, so I don't think I would have posted them even if I had. I do feel blessed in my accomplishment, though. Thank you so much for your prayers, and please continue to pray.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Ah yes, it's the New Year. To me, the New Year means a fresh start. A time to put the past behind you, but also to to take on some challenges. This year I am going to brave and post my New Year's Resolutions.  Even as I write this I can feel myself not really wanting to do these things, but alas I feel they need to happen, and perhaps putting it on the blog and out in the open will convict me to stick to it.

1. Read the Bible daily

Yes I admit it. I don't read my Bible daily. I'm ashamed of it. I have done it in the past, and slowly, slowly I will taper off. However there is really no excuse for it in this modern era. I really love the You Version app. You can even subscribe to daily readings and devotionals with it. I will probably subscribe to something that takes me through the whole Bible.

2. Be more financially responsible

I was a business major in college. Well ok, marketing, but still. I know how a budget works. Why then why is it so hard to stick to my own personal budget? Why am I so afraid to look at what I've spent? Why do I hate to write it down or balance the check book? Almost every argument between my husband, Phil and me is rooted in money. Phil spends nothing. I spend too much. Honestly there is so much here that I can scarcely write about it in one little New Year's resolution blurb.

3. Eat healthier

Ok so I am going to make some really big changes here. I suppose if I was really brave I would post my weight, and then give you updates on how much I have lost, but sorry I am just not going to do that. Here is what I am going to do.

First, no more Diet Coke. None. I tried this a little while back, and I started slowly digressing like one a day isn't that bad, and here I am again going to the fridge again and again. So since I won't be drinking Diet Coke, I will be drinking more water. Another resolution wrapped up in my eat healthy.

Then I am going to stop eating sugar intentionally like dessert. I LOVE dessert. I love sweets, but I just need to stop for a while. So bye bye cookies. Bye bye cupcakes. You will be for very special occasions like only MY birthday.

Also to cook more. It's no secret that eating out really packs it on. I don't cook especially healthy, but at least I will be aware of what is going into my body. In order to cook more, I really need to do a better job of meal planning. We learned about meal planning in my Bible study a while back, so I may do another blog post on that.

Lastly, this is probably very obvious to most of you, but just to make good choices. I try to teach Gabe to make good choice, and ask him was that a good choice, it's time I start practicing what I preach, and considering what a terrible eater Gabe is, maybe he will benefit from this too. I am even considering joining the Weight Watchers app, just so I can keep track of it all. Anyone have experience with this?

4. Exercise

How cliche is that? I know, I know, but it's true. I need to exercise. I need to stop making excuses like I can't find the time or Rachel is just so little. I just need to do it. Whenever I can. That means if I have an hour of nothing to do then I need to get my bottom to the gym. Maybe someone can recommend a good app that suggests good exercises?

Please pray for me over these changes. They are things I really feel I must/need to do. These things will give me peace. Then there are things that I just generally need to do a better job of like staying organized. I also want to read and needlepoint more. Man this post really makes me feel like I am ragging on myself. Hopefully I will give y'all an update on what a good job I am doing with all my resolutions or maybe I need to do a post about how I do a pretty good job of certain things. So what about all of you? What is your New Year's Resolution(s)? Are you sticking to one or going for the overhaul like me? :) Anyway happy 2013! And may God bless us all in this New Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Year In Review

Wait I have a blog? Where have I been for the past oh EIGHT months? I really don't have a good excuse. I think I just got out of the habit of blogging regularly, and when I thought of something I wanted to blog about, it seemed kind of arbitrary considering I hadn't blogged about anything else. But guess what? There's a new year approaching so I thought this would be the perfect time to do a year in review. Well mostly, I'll just pick up where I left off, if that's okay with y'all? Thought so!

Fun Spring Break at the beach with cousins
My happy 9 month year old
Potty training! So glad that's over with!
Happy Easter!
Future fireman!
Happy 10 months!
Last day of school
Our new playscape
At the Aquarium
Strawberry picking
Happy 11 months
Gabe's first teeth cleaning. He did great!
Gabe's 3rd birthday family party
Gabe's 3rd Birthday Pirate Party
Our little firecracker turned 1!
12 months! I can't believe how fast that went!
Ear tubes :( I'm so glad we did it though.
Fun at the beach with Daddy
Gabe in Bering's Back To School Fashion Show
First day of school
Halloween with Minnie Mouse and Darth Vader
Pumpkin Patch
Scarecrow Festival
Gabe school picture
Merry Christmas

So not only am I bad about posting, I am also bad about taking pictures, but there are some of the highlights of 2012. It was a year full of first and milestones. I can't wait to see what 2013 holds in store for the Silbermans. I hope you have all had a wonderful 2012. Thank you for your friendship and love.


Monday, March 12, 2012

The Past 3 Months

Phew! I can't believe three months have gone by since I last posted. I have been busy, busy, busy! So just indulge me with the Christmas pictures, and let me play catch up. I would like to get back to posting about fun stuff. 

Racquet Club Christmas Party

Pictures with Santa at Itsy Bitsy Boutique

Rachel's Dedication

Christmas morning

We moved!

New fish!

Sesame Street!

Chapelwood Rodeo

Trail ride

And finally Rachel's monthly pictures

It has been a whirlwind! A roller coaster! I finally feel like things are starting to settle down, and I can play catch up. Thanks for checking in! I am going to really try to be better about posting!

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